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Од Средњи Енглески north, од Стари Енглески norþ, cognate with various Germanic counterparts such as Холандски noord, Западни Фризијски noard, Немачки Nord, Дански and Норвешки nord, all from a Пра-Германски *nurþrą, and cognate with Грчки νέρτερος (nérteros, infernal, lower) possibly all ultimately from a Пра-Индо-Европски *ner- (left, below), as north is to the left when one faces the rising sun.



north (countable and uncountable, plural norths)

  1. One of the four major compass points, specifically 0°, directed toward the North Pole, and conventionally upwards on a map, abbreviated as N.
    Minnesota is in the north of the USA.
  2. The up or positive direction.
    Stock prices are heading north.
  3. (physics) The positive or north pole of a magnet, which seeks the magnetic pole near Earth's geographic North Pole (which, for its magnetic properties, is a south pole).