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Borrowed from Средњи Француски machine, from Латински māchina (a machine, engine, contrivance, device, stratagem, trick), from Doric Greek μᾱχᾰνᾱ́ (mākhanā́), cognate with Attic Greek μηχᾰνή (mēkhanḗ, a machine, engine, contrivance, device), from which comes mechanical




machine (plural machines)

  1. A device that directs and controls energy, often in the form of movement or electricity, to produce a certain effect.
    • 2013 јун 1, “A better waterworks”, in The Economist[1], volume 407, number 8838, strana 5 (Technology Quarterly):
      An artificial kidney these days still means a refrigerator-sized dialysis machine. Such devices mimic the way real kidneys cleanse blood and eject impurities and surplus water as urine.
  2. (dated) A vehicle operated mechanically, such as an automobile or an airplane.
    • 1914 July, F. Britten Austin, “The Air-Scout”, in The Strand Magazine, volume XLVIII, London: George Newnes, Ltd., strana 568:
      As the aviator turned his machine to reconnoitre in the new direction, he was surprised to see the hostile aeroplane between him and his objective.
    • 1928, Franklin W. Dixon, The Missing Chums, Grosset & Dunlap, strana 1:
      "Joe, how soon will you be ready to roll?" Frank Hardy burst into the garage where his brother was working on a sleek, black-and-silver motorcycle. "Right now, if this machine kicks over," Joe replied, putting down a wrench.
  3. (telephony, abbreviation) An answering machine or, by extension, voice mail.
    I called you earlier, but all I got was the machine.
  4. (computing) A computer.
    Game developers assume they're pushing the limits of the machine.
    He refuses to turn off his Linux machine.
  5. (figuratively) A person or organisation that seemingly acts like a machine, being particularly efficient, single-minded, or unemotional.
    Bruce Campbell was a "demon-killing machine" because he made quick work of killing demons.
    The government has become a money-making machine.
  6. Especially, the group that controls a political or similar organization; a combination of persons acting together for a common purpose, with the agencies which they use.
    • Шаблон:rfdatek
      The whole machine of government ought not to bear upon the people with a weight so heavy and oppressive.
  7. Supernatural agency in a poem, or a superhuman being introduced to perform some exploit.
    (Можете ли пронађите и додајте цитат од en на овај унос?)
  8. (politics, chiefly US) The system of special interest groups that supports a political party, especially in urban areas.
    • 1902, The Friend
      A machine politician cannot see why the straight ticket (as be and his clique of party bosses prepare it) should not be voted by every citizen belonging to that party.
    • 2006, Jerry F. Hough, Changing Party Coalitions: The Mystery of the Red State-blue State Alignment, Algora Publishing →ISBN, page 37
      In essence, therefore, the right-fork strategy of the Democrats meant an alliance of the South with the political machines built on the non-Protestant immigrants in key Northeastern states.
    • 2013, Paul M. Green, Melvin G. Holli, The Mayors: The Chicago Political Tradition, fourth edition, SIU Press →ISBN, page 126
      He was thrust into a political maelstrom for which he was ill-prepared, and yet he was, most notably, the Chicago machine's political savior.
  9. (euphemistic, obsolete) Penis.
  10. (historical) A contrivance in the Ancient Greek theatre for indicating a change of scene, by means of which a god might cross the stage or deliver a divine message; the deus ex machina.




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