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From Латински obiectum (object, literally thrown against)

, from obiectus

, perfect passive participle of obiciō (I throw against)

, from ob- (against) +‎ iaciō (I throw)





object (plural objects)

  1. A that has .
    1. ; the , or of something.
        • 2000, Phyllis Barkas Goldman & John Grigni, Monkeyshines on Ancient Cultures
          The object of tlachtli was to keep the rubber ball from touching the ground while trying to push it to the opponent's endline.
      1. (grammar) The which is an internal of a or a . In a verb phrase with a action verb, it is typically the receiver of the action.
        1. A person or thing toward which an emotion is directed.
          Mary Jane had been the object of Peter's affection for years.
          The convertible, once the object of his desire, was now the object of his hatred.
          Where's your object of ridicule now?
        2. (object-oriented programming) An of a or .
          1. (category theory) An within a upon which operate. Thus, a category consists of a set of element objects and the functions that operate on them.
            1. (obsolete) Sight; show; appearance; aspect.
              • Chapman
                He, advancing close / Up to the lake, past all the rest, arose / In glorious object.
              (Можете ли пронађите и додајте цитат од Shakespeare на овај унос?)


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