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Alternative forms[уреди]

  • Arabic numerals: 1000 (see for numerical forms in other scripts)
  • Roman numerals: M
  • ISO prefix: kilo-
  • Exponential notation: 103


From Средњи Енглески thousend, thusand, from Стари Енглески þūsend (thousand), from Пра-Германски *þūsundī (thousand), (compare Шкотски thousand (thousand), Saterland Frisian duusend (thousand), Западни Фризијски tûzen (thousand), Холандски duizend (thousand), Немачки tausend (thousand), Дански tusind (thousand), Шведски tusen (thousand), Исландски þúsund (thousand), Фарски túsund (thousand), from Пра-Индо-Европски *tuHsont-, *tuHsenti- (compare Литвански tūkstantis (thousand), Руски ты́сяча (týsjača)).



thousand (plural thousands)

  1. (cardinal) A numerical value equal to 1,000 = 10 × 100 = 103
    The company earned fifty thousand dollars last month.
    Many thousands of people came to the conference.

Usage notes[уреди]

Unlike cardinal numerals up to ninety-nine, the word thousand is a noun like dozen and needs a determiner to function as a numeral.

  • a thousand men / one thousand men / the thousand men
  • compare a dozen men / one dozen men / the dozen men
  • compare ten men / the ten men

Thousand can be used also in plurals. It doesn't take -s when preceded by a determiner.

  • two thousand men / some thousand men
  • thousands of men / hundreds of thousands of men


Derived terms[уреди]

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