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Енглески бројеви (edit)
    Cardinal: thousand
    Ordinal: thousandth
    Multiplier: thousandfold

Alternative forms

  • Arabic numerals: 1000 (see for numerical forms in other scripts)
  • Roman numerals: M
  • ISO prefix: kilo-
  • Exponential notation: 103


From Средњи Енглески thousend, thusand, from Стари Енглески þūsend (thousand), from Proto-Germanic *þūsundī (thousand), (compare Шкотски thousand (thousand), Saterland Frisian duusend (thousand), West Frisian tûzen (thousand), Холандски duizend (thousand), Немачки tausend (thousand), Дански tusind (thousand), Шведски tusen (thousand), Норвешки tusen (thousand), Исландски þúsund (thousand), Фарски túsund (thousand)), from Пра-Индо-Европски *tuHsont-, *tuHsenti- (compare Литвански tūkstantis (thousand), Руски ты́сяча (týsjača)).



  • (UK) МФА(кључ): /ˈθaʊz(ə)nd/
  • (US) enPR: thou′zənd, МФА(кључ): /ˈθaʊz(ə)nd/, [ˈθaʊ̯z(ɪ̈)nd]
  • (file)
  • Hyphenation: thou‧sand


thousand (plural thousands)

  1. A numerical value equal to 1,000 = 10 × 100 = 103
    The company earned fifty thousand dollars last month.
    Many thousands of people came to the conference.

====Usage notes


Unlike cardinal numerals such as ten or ninety-nine (where one can say e.g. there were ten men present), the word thousand is a noun like dozen and needs a determiner or another numeral to function as a numeral: one cannot say *there were thousand men present, but must say:

  • there were a thousand men / one thousand men / forty-three thousand men present
  • one can also speak of the thousand men, several thousand men, or some thousand men who were present
  • compare a dozen men / one dozen men / forty-three dozen men, the dozen men, several dozen men, some dozen men

When preceded by a determiner or numeral and followed by of, it can be singular or plural:

  • two thousand of the inhabitants died, several thousand of the inhabitants fled
  • many thousands of women marched
  • "Aragorn should find some two thousands of those that he had gathered to him in the South; but Imrahil should find three and a half thousands; and Éomer five hundreds of the Rohirrim who were unhorsed but themselves warworthy." (J.R.R. Tolkien, The Return of the King)

When followed by of and not preceded by a determiner or numeral, it must be pluralized with -s: thousands of women protested, countless thousands of women voted, not *thousand of women.


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