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Енглески бројеви (унос)
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    Кардинал: three
    Редни: third
    Adverbial: thrice
    Multiplier: triple, threefold
    Distributive: triply


Од Средњи Енглески thrīce, thries (three times, thrice; a third time; repeated three times)

,[1] од раније thrī

, thrīe (three times, thrice; a third time)

(од Стари Енглески þriwa, þreowa

)[2] + -es (suffix forming adverbs of time, place, and manner)

(од Стари Енглески -es (suffix forming adverbs)).[3] The word is cognate with Saterland Frisian träie (thrice).



thrice (not comparable)

  1. (dated) Three times.

Корисне белешке[уреди]

Unlike once

и twice

, thrice is somewhat dated in American and British usage, sometimes used for a comical or intentionally archaic effect; three times is the more standard and typical usage. On the other hand, once and twice are almost always preferred over one time and two times respectively. Thrice does however retain some currency in compounds like thrice-monthly

, and it is still standard and stylistically neutral in Indian English.

Coordinate terms[уреди]