cardinal number

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cardinal number (plural cardinal numbers)

  1. Број који се користи за означавање quantity; и counting number; a cardinal.
    Најмањи кардинални бројеви су 0, 1, 2, и 3.
    The cardinal number "three" могу бити представљени као "3" или "three".
  2. (mathematics) (математика) Генерализована врста number користи се за означавање величине а set, укључујући infinite sets.
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      This cardinal number is the smallest of the infinite cardinal numbers; it is the one to which Cantor has appropriated the Hebrew Aleph with the suffix 0, to distinguish it from larger infinite cardinals. Thus the name of the smallest of infinite cardinals is ℵ0.
  3. (grammar) (граматика) A word that expresses a countable quantity; a cardinal numeral.
    "Three" is a cardinal number, while "third" is an ordinal number.


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