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U+2830, ⠰

Braille Patterns
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The 62nd character of the braille script



  1. (English Braille) The letter marker.
  2. (Unified English Braille) The Grade-1 (uncontracted) braille marker.
  3. (English Braille) A prefix marking various letter sequences:
    ⠰⠛ -ong, ⠰⠇ -ful, ⠰⠞ -ment, ⠰⠑ -ence, ⠰⠎ -ness, ⠰⠝ -tion, ⠰⠽ -ity
  4. (Czech Braille) The marker for ALL CAPS
  5. (Persian Braille) A prefix for mathematical symbols
  6. (Chinese Two-Cell Braille) Marks foreign script
  7. (IPA Braille) Marks national orthography (once for one letter, doubled for a passage, until ended with ⟨⠰⠆⟩.)

Usage notes

  • (English Braille) Used to indicate that a Braille character stands for its literal value, and not as a digit or word.
  • As a sequence marker, it cannot occur at the beginning of a word.
  • (Unified English Braille) Used to indicate that a Braille character does not stand a sequence ("contraction"); for example, ⠰⠳ clarifies that the ⠳ is an arrow icon rather than the sequence ou.

Punctuation mark

  1. (Arabic Braille) semicolon
  2. (Chinese Braille) semicolon


  1. (Bharati braille) anusvara
  2. (Tamil braille) ṉa      [and maybe Malayalam?]
  3. (Cantonese Braille) The rime ong
  4. (Vietnamese Braille) tone ◌̀
  5. (Korean Braille) Initial (ch)

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