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Позајмљено од Санскрт भूमि (bhūmi).


भूमि (bhūmi)

  1. earth, soil, ground
  2. region
  3. nation, country
  4. place, situation
  5. the Earth
  6. (Hinduism) Bhumi, goddess of the Earth



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  1. Devanagari script form of bhūmi


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Од Proto-Indo-Aryan *bʰúHmiṣ, from Proto-Indo-Iranian *bʰúHmiš (earth), from Proto-Indo-European *bʰuH- (to be). Cognate to Avestan 𐬠𐬏𐬨𐬌(būmi), Old Persian 𐏏 (BU /⁠būmiš⁠/) (whence Ирански بوم(bum)). The Sanskrit root is भू (bhū).


  • (Vedic) МФА(кључ): /bʱúː.mi/
  • (Classical) МФА(кључ): /ˈbʱuː.mi/
  • Именица

    भूमि (bhū́mif

    1. earth, soil, ground; Earth personified as Bhumi
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        —तव तविषो जनिमन्रेजत दयौ रेजद भूमिर्भियसा सवस्य मन्योः ।
        ऋघायन्त सुभ्वः पर्वतास आर्दन्धन्वानि सरयन्त आपः ॥, Heaven trembled at the birth of thine effulgence; Earth trembled at the fear of thy displeasure.
        The stedfast mountains shook in agitation, the waters flowed, and desert spots were flooded.
    1. (in the plural) divisions of the world; compare भूमित्रय (bhūmi-traya)
    2. territory, country, district
    3. place, situation
    4. position, posture, attitude
    5. part, personification (played by an actor)
    6. floor of a house, story
    7. area
    8. the base of any geometrical figure
    9. (figurative) a step, degree, stage (with Buddhists there are 10 or 13 stages of existence or perfection); Bhumi
    10. extent, limit
    11. (at the end of a compound) matter, subject, object, receptacle i.e. fit object or person for
      विश्वासभूमि (vi-śvāsa-bhūmi)"ground for confidence", i.e. a trustworthy person
      स्नेहभूमि (sneha-bhūmi)"oil-source", any substance yielding oil or grease
    12. tongue


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      • Khowar: بوم(bum)
    • Assamese: ভূঁই (bhũi)
    • Pali: bhūmi
    • Romani: phuv
    • Sinhalese: භූමිය (bhūmiya)
    • Хинди: भूमि (bhūmi)
    • Kannada: ಭೂಮಿ (bhūmi)
    • Malay: bumi
    • Telugu: భూమి (bhūmi)
    • Тајски: ภูมิ (puum)


    • Sir Monier Monier-Williams (1898) A Sanskrit-English dictionary etymologically and philologically arranged with special reference to cognate Indo-European languages, Oxford: Clarendon Press, page 0763

    भूमि (хинди)


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