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This is a non-definitive list of English verbs commonly used for reporting spoken statements, questions, etc.

  • Some examples
  1. "I am a Frenchman" = He said he was a Frenchman. Where say is a reporting verb.
  2. "Where is the station?" = He asked where the station was. Where ask is a reporting verb.
  3. "Go away!" = He told us to go away. Where tell is a reporting verb.
  • Other types of reporting verbs give information about how the words were spoken, or the emotions transmitted.
  1. She cried for help.
  2. "Leave me alone", he growled.
  3. "It's so nice to see you again", she laughed.
  • Still other types of reporting verbs are used to completely rephrase rather than restating.
  1. "Get out, now!" = We were ordered to leave.
  2. "Would you like some tea?" = We were offered some tea.
  3. "Please take a seat." = He invited me to sit down.
  • A further category would be reporting verbs that refer to thinking.
  1. Thought: "I can afford to get that ring for her" = He reckoned that the ring would be an affordable a gift.

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