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From Стари Француски mention, from Латински mentiō, mentionis.



mention (plural mentions)

  1. A speaking or notice of anything, usually in a brief or cursory manner. Used especially in the phrase make mention of.
    • Bible, Psalms lxxi. 16
      I will make mention of thy righteousness.
    • Shakespeare
      And sleep in dull, cold marble, where no mention / Of me more must be heard of.



mention (third-person singular simple present mentions, present participle mentioning, simple past and past participle mentioned)

  1. To make a short reference to something.
  2. (philosophy, linguistics) To utter an word or expression in order to refer to the expression itself, as opposed to its usual referent.
    • 2006, Tony Evans, The Transforming Word: Discovering the Power and Provision of the Bible, Moody Publishers →ISBN, page 140
      I can illustrate this by mentioning the word lead. Now you have no way of knowing for sure which meaning I have in mind until I give it some context by using it in a sentence.
    • 2009, Lieven Vandelanotte, Speech and Thought Representation in English: A Cognitive-functional Approach, Walter de Gruyter →ISBN, page 124
      If the verbatimness view derives from the popular notion that DST repeats 'the actual words spoken', a second line of thought takes its cue from Quine's (1940: 23–26, 1960: 146–156) philosophical distinction between words which are “used” vs. words which are merely “mentioned”.
    • 2013, Richard Hanley, South Park and Philosophy: Bigger, Longer, and More Penetrating, Open Court →ISBN
      If I said rightly, “'Niggers' is a seven letter word,” I would be mentioning the word, and when we write it, we use mention-quotes for this purpose (speech typically lacks quotes, except for the occasional air-quotes). If I said, rightly or wrongly, “Niggers are good athletes,” then I would be using “niggers,” not merely mentioning it.


(make a short reference to something): See Тезаурус:mention

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Borrowed from Латински mentiō, mentionis.


mention f (plural mentions)

  1. mention (act of mentioning)
  2. slogan

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Borrowed from Латински mentiō, mentionis.


mention f (oblique plural mentions, nominative singular mention, nominative plural mentions)

  1. mention (act of mentioning)

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