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mangoes (fruit)
Black-throated mango (Anthracothorax nigricollis)
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Од Португалски manga, од Малајски mangga, од Тамилски மாங்காய் (māṅkāy) од மா (, mango species)

+ காய் (kāy, unripe fruit)




mango (countable and uncountable, plural mangoes or mangos)

  1. A tropical Asian fruit tree, Mangifera indica.
    • 1980, Bruce Chatwin, The Viceroy of Ouidah, page 146:
      On the hot days, he would lie in the shade of a mango and let little Eugenia clamber over his belly and tug at his beard.
  2. The fruit of the mango tree.
    • 1738, October–November, Hans Sloan, Philosophical Transactions, volume 40, number 450, “VI. his Answer to the Marquis de Caumont's Letter, concerning this Stone”, translated from the Latin by Thomas Stack, Royal Society (1741), page 376:
      And I have one [bezoar] form'd round the Stone of that great Plum, which comes pickled from thence, and is called Mango.
  3. A pickled vegetable or fruit with a spicy stuffing; a vegetable or fruit which has been mangoed.
    • 2004, Elizabeth E. Lea, William Woys Weaver, A Quaker Woman's Cookbook: The Domestic Cookery of Elizabeth Ellicott Lea, page 335:
      In Pennsylvania and western Maryland, mangoes were generally made with green bell peppers.
  4. (US, chiefly southern Midwestern US, dated) A green bell pepper suitable for pickling.
    • 1879, Pennsylvania State Board of Agriculture, Agriculture of Pennsylvania, page 222:
      Mango peppers by the dozen, if owned by the careful housewife, would gladden the appetite or disposition of any epicure or scold.
    • 1896, Ohio State Board of Agriculture, Annual Report, page 154:
      Best mango peppers
    • (deprecated use of |lang= parameter)
      1943, August 9, “Mary Adgate”, in Stuffed Mangoes[1], Lima, Ohio, strana 5:
      Cut tops from mangoes; remove seeds.
    • 2000, Allan A. Metcalf, How We Talk: American Regional English Today, page 41:
      Finally, although both the South and North Midlands are not known for their tropical climate, that's where mangoes grow. These aren't the tropical fruit, though, but what are elsewhere called green peppers.
  5. A type of muskmelon, Cucumis melo.
  6. Any of various hummingbirds of the genus Anthracothorax.
  7. A yellow-orange color, like that of mango flesh.
    mango colour:  

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