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Од homo- +‎ -phone.



Примери (English words)

homophone (plural homophones)

  1. (semantics) A word which is pronounced the same as another word but differs in spelling or meaning or origin.
  2. A letter or group of letters which are pronounced the same as another letter or group of letters.

Usage notes

A homophone is a type of homonym in the loose sense of that term (a word which sounds or is spelled the same as another). (The strict sense of homonym is a word that both sounds and is spelled the same as another word.) A homograph is a word with the same spelling as another but a completely unrelated meaning. Homographs are not necessarily homophones. See homonym § Usage notes for examples.

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An Euler diagram showing the relationship between these -nyms.
Different Meanings
nym Sound Spelling Category
homonym same same
heteronym different same (cat)
homograph not specified same
homophone same different (cat)
heterophone different different
synonym different different

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  1. homophonous


homophone m (plural homophones)

  1. (semantics) homophone

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