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From Средњи Енглески Frenche, Frensch

, Frensc

, Frenshe

, Frenkisch

, Franche

, from Стари Енглески Frenċisċ (French, literally Frankish), equivalent to Frank +‎ -ish. Cognate with Дански fransk (French), Шведски fransk, fransysk (French)

, Исландски franska (French). Compare Frankish




French (countable and uncountable, plural French)

  1. (uncountable) A Romance language spoken primarily in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Quebec, Valle d'Aosta and many former French colonies.
    • 1997, Albert Valdman, French and Creole in Louisiana, strana 29:
      Almost three quarters of the population 65 and older reported speaking French.
    • 2004, Jack Flam, Matisse and Picasso: The Story of Their Rivalry and Friendship, strana 18:
      Although he would spend the rest of his life in France, Picasso never mastered the language, and during those early years he was especially self-conscious about how bad his French was.
  2. (collective in the plural) People of France, collectively.
    The French and the English have often been at war.
    • 2002, Jeremy Thornton, The French and Indian War, strana 14:
      On the way, scouts reported that some French were heading toward them across the ice.
  3. (informal) Vulgar language.
    Pardon my French.

Usage notes[уреди]

When used to refer collectively to people of France, the word French is preceded by the definite article or some other determiner.

Derived terms[уреди]