Use this template on single-kanji entries to indicate the kanji readings and to add the character to the appropriate category. It is placed in the ===Канџи=== section, under the ====Читање==== header:


On readings are written with hiragana, as the corresponding entries are in hiragana.

E.g. for :

|kun=ひか-る, ひかり-
|nanori=あき, あきら, こう, てる, ひこ, み, みつ

The content of this template is generated by Модул:ja-kanji-readings.


The module accepts readings that are formatted in the following manner:

  • Items are delimited by commas (,).
  • < (arrow) indicates evolution from older forms (i.e. historical kana orthography). For example, こう<くわう. It is possible to add an additional form that is even older: evolved as きょう<きやう<くゐやう.
    • It is perfectly fine for the historical kana orthography to be identical to the modern kana orthography. For example, ふく<ふく.
  • - (hyphen) separates furigana (()仮名(がな)) from okurigana ((おく)仮名(がな)). A trailing - indicates there are no okurigana:
    • ひか-る(ひか)
    • ひかり-(ひかり)
    • If you are unsure, it can be omitted, and the entry will be added to a category.
  • Readings are automatically highlighted and labeled if they appear in the jōyō kanji list. The data for this functionality is hosted at Module:ja/data/jouyou-yomi.

No wikilinks ([[ ]]) or linking templates ({{l}} or {{ja-r}}) are needed. The module will detect the Japanese text and glosses, and create links in the style of {{ja-r}}.


  • |on=
    The character’s Sino-Japanese reading(s).
    • |goon=
      呉音(ごおん) (goon, Wu sound) – reading(s) from the pronunciation during the Southern and Northern Dynasties.
    • |kanon=
      漢音(かんおん) (kan'on, Han sound) – reading(s) from the pronunciation during the Tang Dynasty.
    • |toon=
      唐音(とうおん) (tōon, Tang sound) – reading(s) from the pronunciations of later dynasties, such as the Song and Ming.
    • |kanyoon=
      慣用音(かんようおん) (kan'yōon, customary sound) – Unofficial on readings that have become accepted into the language.
    • |soon=
      宋音(そうおん) (sōon, Song sound)
  • |kun=
    (くん) (kun) – The character’s Japanese or native reading(s).
    • |nanori=
      名乗(なの) (nanori)Kun readings used for names of people or places.


Category pages for this template are created by {{ja-readings-cat}}. Use {{auto cat}} to automatically fill in parameters.

The category structure can be seen at User:Erutuon/kanji readings.