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Шаблон:Реч дана

Документација шаблона[прикажи] [уреди] [историја] [освежи]


This template is used for creating the Word of the Day that appears on the Викиречник Главна страна, and for archiving such WOTDs at pages in the format "Wiktionary:Word of the day/Archive/[year]/[month]".


{{WOTD|[word]|[part of speech]|[Brief definition.]|[month]|[day]|comment=|audio=[name of sound file]}}
Parameter Remarks
1st parameter mandatory: The Word of the Day, which should be one of the lemmas (main entries) in Wiktionary.
2nd parameter mandatory: The part of speech of the word. It is suggested that you use the following abbreviations:
adj adjective n noun
adv adverb phrase phrase
interj interjection v verb
3rd parameter mandatory: The definition of the word. If the word has numerous definitions, choose some of them to highlight. You may wish to use the template "{{...}}" to indicate omissions. The number "1." will be automatically inserted before the first definition, but you will need to add "#" before second and subsequent definitions. Do not include any quotations.
4th and 5th parameters mandatory: The 4th parameter should be the month spelled out (e.g., "January"), and the 5th parameter should be the day of the month indicated as a number with no leading zero (e.g., "1").
6th parameter
A comment about the word; for example, the reason why the word was selected to be featured on a particular date.
audio The name of an audio file indicating how the word is pronounced. If this parameter is not stated, the template will try to default to "En-us-{{{1}}}.ogg" first and "En-uk-{{{1}}}.ogg" next. If these files do not exist, then no link to an audio file will be displayed.