Пређи на навигацију Пређи на претрагу



From Пра-Индо-Европски *pótis (owner, master, host, husband). Cognate with Ancient Greek πόσις (pósis)

, Sanskrit पति (páti)




potis m or f (neuter potis or pote)

  1. able, capable, possible
    • Cicero letters to Atticus with an English translation by E. O. Winstedt- In three volumes, I, 1912, page 302–303 containing Ciceronis epistulae ad Atticum, IV, XIII:
      Sed mehercule velim res istas et praesentem statum rei publicae, et quo animo consules ferant hunc σκυλμόν, scribas ad me quantum pote.
      But I hope to goodness you will write me as full a description as possible of that affair and of the present state of politics and tell me how the consuls are taking all this pother.


Rarely inflected in the positive sense and then only by gender with potis for masculine and feminine gender and pote for neuter gender..