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Respelling of men

based on womyn

, which was itself respelled so as to be spelled differently from men.


myn pl (plural only)

  1. (very rare, chiefly humorous) Alternative spelling of men (plural of )
      • 1994, John Leo, Two Steps Ahead of the Thought Police →ISBN, page 41:
        Old Yeller — Senior animal companion of color.
        Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs — One of the monocultural oppressed womyn confronts the vertically challenged.
        Men at Arms — The myn are at it again.
      • 2000 April, Out, volume 8, number 10, page 54:
        [] the 12th Gulf Coast Womyn's Festival is here. (Once again, myn are strictly forbidden.) The weekend-long event holds the promise of craft markets, acoustic folk sing-alongs, and Southern-food potlucks.
      • 2005, Lisa Lees, Fragments of Gender →ISBN, page 30:
        I do not expect to be included in all 'womyn space' (nor, truth be told, do I wish to be). But if the choice is between womyn space and myn space, I sure as heck do not belong in the latter.




    From Холандски mijn, from Средњи Холандски mine, from Стари Француски mine, from Рани Латински mina, from Gaulish, from Proto-Celtic *mēnis (ore, metal). Some senses were borrowed in Dutch from Француски mine (explosive device) and Средњи Француски mine (tunnel for sapping).



    1. (place or tunnel for the excavation of mineral resources)
      1. (hidden device that explodes when triggered)
        1. (tunnel used for sapping enemy defence works or lines)

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