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  • (UK, US) МФА(кључ): /dʒuː/
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  • Homophones: Jew, dew
  • Риме: -uː

Etymology 1

Transferred use of Jew.

Alternative forms


jew (third-person singular simple present jews, present participle jewing, simple past and past participle jewed)

  1. (offensive) To bargain, to attempt to gain an unfair price in a business deal; to defraud.
    He tried to jew me out of my money.
  2. (offensive, transitive) Of Jewish people, to subvert the western world or elements thereof or attempt to do.
    • 2004 јун 20, Victor, “The Ten Truths: On Jewish Lawyers & the Jewing of Law”, in alt.california, Usenet[1]:
      Nevertheless, decisions used to be rendered based on long-honored
      White traditions or "precedent," and supported by reason and logic. In
      today's jewed system, by contrast, one is more apt to read a legal
      opinion which cites U.N. resolutions or jewish sociologists than
      Black's Law Dictionary.
    • 2004 децембар 21, Will McDonald, “The Jewing of Christmas”, in alt.california, Usenet[2]:
      It is jews behind the campaign to destroy it, admits WND[sic] house jew.
      Just as we WN[sic] have said all along.
    • 2014 март 15,, “Jewing of South Africa”, in soc.culture.israel, Usenet[3]:
      In both cases, the Jews used Blacks as political
      weapons to wreck healthy White countries.
Related terms


jew (plural jews)

  1. (AU) The jewfish. [from 19th c.]
    • 1994, Rita Huggins & Jackie Huggins, Auntie Rita, in Heiss & Minter, Macquarie PEN Anthology of Aboriginal Literature, Allen & Unwin 2008, p. 151:
      The creeks gave us lots of food, too—yellow belly and jew, perch and eel.

Etymology 2


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  1. Pronunciation spelling of d' you, representing colloquial Енглески.
  2. Pronunciation spelling of 'd you, representing colloquial Енглески.


  • jwé (alphagram ejw)



From Арапски أَوْ(ʾaw).




  1. or
    • 2020 октобар 16, “Il-WHO: “Il-mediċina remdisivir bi ftit jew l-ebda effett fuq il-kura mill-Covid-19””, in iNews Malta[4], archived from the original on 2020-11-01:
      Il-mediċina remdisivir għandha ftit jew l-ebda effett fuq iċ-ċansijiet li pazjenti jfiqu mill-Covid-19. Dan jirriżulta minn studju ppubblikat mill-Organizzazzjoni Dinjija għas-Saħħa.
      (молим додајте српски превод за ово quote)
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