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Wooden hourglass


hour +‎ glass


  • МФА(кључ): /ˈaʊəɡlɑːs/
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hourglass (plural hourglasss)

  1. A clock made of two glass vessels connected by a narrow passage through which sand flows.
    Синонимs: sandglass, sand timer, watch glass
    Hyponym: egg timer
    After each game turn, invert the hourglass to reset the time limit for the next player.
    • 1819, John Keats, “Canto I”, in The Fall of Hyperion:
      The sands of thy short life are spent this hour, / And no hand in the universe can turn / Thy hourglass, if these gummed leaves be burnt / Ere thou canst mount up these immortal steps.
  2. (GUI) A cursor, often shaped like an hourglass, indicating that the computer is busy.
    Синоним: egg timer
    Coordinate term: (Apple) beach ball
    • 2002, Maximum PC (Winter 2002, page 16)
      When I right click the desktop display to check Display Properties, it hangs and shows me only the hourglass instead of the display menu.

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