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Такође погледајте: Bing, bìng, bīng, bǐng, biŋ, и B.Ing.



Етимологија 1[уреди]

From Средњи Енглески bing, binge

, benge

, from Old Norse bingr (heap of corn; bed; bolster), related to Шведски binge (heap), Дански bing (bin; box; compartment).


bing (plural bings)

  1. (сленг): Prison solitary confinement, a term used by inmates.
  2. (Британија) A heap or pile, such as a slag heap. Cognate with Scots bing.

    Етимологија 2[уреди]

    Origin obscure. Compare Шкотски bin (to move speedily with noise).


    bing (third-person singular simple present bings, present participle binging, simple past and past participle binged)

    1. (dated сленг or dialectal) To go; walk; come; run

    Етимологија 3[уреди]

    Onomatopoeia of a bouncing sound.

    Алтернативни облици[уреди]