as soon as

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as soon as

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    1. I came as soon as I could.
    2. At the moment when; immediately after.
      As soon as he arrived, everyone gasped.
    3. (idiomatic) Used to indicate that the first action mentioned is as likely as, or is preferred to, the second action mentioned.
      I'd jump out the window as soon as not.
      • 2003 Oct. 12, William Safire (quoting 1913 New York City court records), "The Way We Live Now," New York Times (retrieved 19 Sep 2015):
        "He was a bad guy. He would hit you with a chunk of pipe as soon as look at you."
      • 2013 April 5, David Hathaway, "Your 2nd Amendment Cop Buddy Will Take Your Guns," (retrieved 19 Sep 2015):
        "[T]hey are the worst of the worst and they will shoot you just as soon as say Hello."