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Позајмљено од Mandarin 康熙 (Kāngxī).


Властита именица


  1. A Chinese emperor (1654-1722) from the Qing Dynasty period.
  2. The Kangxi Dictionary, a dictionary and cross reference of Chinese characters, first published in 1716 at the behest of the Kangxi emperor, and used to the present day.
    • 1992, O. Harrassowitz, Central Asiatic Journal[1], volume 36, strana 189:
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    • 2003, Lexicography: Reference works across time, space and languages →ISBN 0415253675:
      [He wrote] Textual Criticism of Kangxi Zidian, 1827[,] in which he identified more than 2500 erroneous citations in Kangxi.