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The letter “n” is subject to a wide range of variations through the addition of diacritics, capitalization, punctuation, and use in different scripts. These include:

Capitalization, and punctuation[уреди]


  • ñ (with tilde)
  • Ñ
  • ń (with acute)
  • ņ (with cedilla)
  • ň (with caron)
  • ɲ (with left hook)
  • ŋ (with right hook)
  • ƞ (with long right leg)
  • ǹ (with grave)
  • ȵ (with curl)
  • ɳ (with retroflex hook)
  • (with dot above)
  • (with dot below)
  • (with line above)
  • (with line below)
  • (with circumflex below)

Other encodings[уреди]

Остале репрезентације од N:

Other scripts[уреди]