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Позајмљено од Средњи Француски amplitude, од Латински amplitūdō, од amplus (large)

; synchronically, ample +‎ -itude.



amplitude (countable and uncountable, plural amplitudes)

  1. The measure of something's size, especially in terms of width or breadth; largeness, magnitude.
    • Fuller
      The cathedral of Lincoln [] is a magnificent structure, proportionable to the amplitude of the diocese.
    • Milton
      amplitude of mind
    • Macaulay
      amplitude of comprehension
  2. (математика) The maximum absolute value of the vertical component of a curve or function, especially one that is periodic.
  3. (physics) The maximum absolute value of some quantity that varies.
  4. (astronomy) The arc of the horizon between the true east or west point and the center of the sun, or a star, at its rising or setting. At the rising, the amplitude is eastern or ortive: at the setting, it is western, occiduous, or occasive. It is also northern or southern, when north or south of the equator.
  5. (astronomy) The arc of the horizon between the true east or west point and the foot of the vertical circle passing through any star or object.
  6. (firearms) The horizontal line which measures the distance to which a projectile is thrown; the range.

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Borrowed from Француски amplitude, from Латински amplitūdō.



amplitude f (plural amplitudes, diminutive amplitudetje n)

  1. (математика, физика) amplitude

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