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19th century, from Енглески sport.


  • МФА(кључ): /ʃpɔrt/, [ʃpɔʁt], [ʃpɔɐ̯t], [ʃpɔːt] (standard)
  • МФА(кључ): /spɔrt/ (northern Germany, becoming rare)
  • (Germany)
  • (Germany)
  • (Austria)


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  1. sport (athletic activity that uses physical skills competitively under a set of rules)
  2. athletics, sports, (loosely) exercise (physical activities (not necessarily with fixed rules) requiring stamina, fitness and skill)
  3. physical education, phys ed (element of an educational curriculum concerned with bodily development, physical health etc.)
  4. hobby (activity involving exercise or exertion that one enjoys doing in one's spare time)

Корисне белешке

  • Sportarten is the preferred plural when referring to multiple specific sports.


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  • Естонски: sport
  • Српско-Хрватски: šport / шпорт

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