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From Латински Antōnius, name of a Roman gens (with excrescent -h- suggested by an unetymological association with Антички Грчки ἄνθος (ánthos, flower)). The Roman clan name is of uncertain etymology, but is not Greek or Hebrew; most likely of Etruscan origin, possibly derived from Ani, the Etruscan god of the sky. Дублети of Antoine.


Proper noun


  1. A male given name from Latin, in regular use since the Middle Ages.
    • Шаблон:RQ:Fitzgerald Beautiful and Damned
    • 1952 Thomas Pyles, Words and Ways of American English, Random House, page 245:
      It is doubtless true that American English lacks a tradition for the pronunciation of Anthony, a name which was not often bestowed upon American males until the comparatively recent craze for supposedly swank "British" Christian names, like Stephen, Peter, Michael, etc., in this country.
    • 1955 Joseph Heller, Catch-22, Chapter Five:
      She was built like a dream and wore a chain around her neck with a medal of Saint Anthony hanging down inside the most beautiful bosom I never saw. "It must be a terrible temptation for Saint Anthony," I joked - just to put her at ease, you know. "Saint Anthony?" her husband said. "Who's Saint Anthony?"
  2. A patronymic презиме​.
  3. A city, the county seat of Harper County, Kansas, United States.
  4. A city in New Mexico
  5. A town in Texas

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