Пређи на садржај


This template takes the same parameters as {{label}} ({{lb}}), but is used directly after a headword line, not in a definition. It is to be used when a label applies to all the senses of a word: for instance, when a form of a word is used in only one dialect. See Template:label/documentation for the parameters.



From ἡμῶν (hēmôn):

{{grc-pronoun form}} {{term-label|grc|Attic|Koine}}

# {{inflection of|ἡμεῖς||gen|lang=grc}}

Lua грешка in Модул:grc-headword at line 168: attempt to call field 'shallowClone' (a nil value). (Attic, Koine)

  1. (deprecated use of |lang= parameter) генитива of ἡμεῖς (hēmeîs)