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Шаблон:phono-semantic matching

Phono-semantic matching of translingual term

This template adds entries to categories such as Category:Chinese phono-semantic matchings. It should generally go in the Etymology section of a term. Phono-semantic matching is a special type of borrowing where existing morphemes are selected to match both pronunciation and definition of a foreign term.




The language code (see Wiktionary:Languages) of the language which borrowed the sense, which should be the language of the section that the template is placed in.
The language code of the source language from which loaned the sense.
The term in the source language that influenced this term. If empty, generates a term request ([Term?]) and places the entry in a term request category, except in some cases like derivations from families or substrates. To override this and disable the term request, use "-".
|4= or |alt=
(optional) An alternative display form to show for the term, see {{l}} and {{m}}.
|5= or |t=
(optional) A gloss/translation for the term, see {{l}} and {{m}}.
(optional) A transliteration for the term, see {{l}} and {{m}}.
(optional) A part of speech indication for the term, see {{l}} and {{m}}.
|g=, |g2=, |g3= and so on
(optional) Gender and number, as in {{l}} and {{m}}; see Module:gender and number for details.
(optional) A sense id for the term, see {{l}} and {{m}}.
Show the initial text with a lowercase initial letter.
Omit the initial text altogether. The first thing displayed will be the source language name.
Suppress categorization.