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This template is used to create definition lines for inflected (non-lemma) forms of other terms. It use Module:form of as a back-end.

This template takes the same general parameters as {{l}} and {{m}}, and it uses the same post-processing on the parameters. This includes script detection, removing diacritics, processing embedded links, and so on.


|1= (required)
The language code of the lemma linked to (which this page is an inflection of). See Wiktionary:List of languages. The parameter |lang= is a deprecated synonym; please do not use. If this is used, all numbered parameters move down by one.
|2= (required)
The lemma form of the term that this is an inflection of. This is used to create a link.
The alternative display form of the lemma. This works like the third parameter of {{l}} and {{m}}.
|4= (required), |5= ... etc.
One or more grammar tags to show. These give the definition by describing the relevant grammatical properties of this inflected form. A grammar tag can be any text; the tags are shown separated by spaces.
Certain tags are recognised as shortcuts and are automatically expanded. For example, 1 is automatically expanded to "first-person", while p becomes "plural". For a full list of recognised shortcuts, see Module:form of/data.
Separing two inflections of the same word.
A gloss or short translation of the word. The parameter |gloss= is a deprecated synonym; please do not use.
Transliteration for non-Latin-script words, if different from the automatically-generated one.
Transcription for non-Latin-script words whose transliteration is markedly different from the actual pronunciation. Should not be used for IPA pronunciations.
A sense id for the term, which links to anchors on the page set by the {{senseid}} template.
Script code to use, if script detection does not work.

Grammar tags[уреди]

The following grammar tags are available for shortcut use in entering descriptions as per Module:form of/data:

1 1st person
2 2nd person
3 3rd person
impers Impersonal
s singular
d dual
tr trial
pau paucal
dpau distributive paucal
p plural
sgl singulative
col collective
m masculine
f feminine
n neuter
c common
vr virile
nv nonvirile
an animate
in inaminate
pr personal
pres present
past past
fut, futr future
npast non-past
prog progressive
pret preterite
perf perfect
impf, imperf imperfect
plup, pluperf pluperfect
semf semelfactive
aor, aori aorist
phis past historic
impfv, imperfv imperfective
pfv, perfv perfective
imp, impr imperative
iter iterative
ind, indc, indic indicative
sub, subj subjunctive
cond conditional
opta, opt optative
potn potential
juss jussive
coho, cohort cohortative
act, actv active
mid, midl middle
pass, pasv passive
mp, mpsv mediopassive
inf infinitive
part, ptcp participle
poss possessive
neg negative
conn, conneg connegative
sup supine
abe abessive
abl ablative
abs absolutive
acc accusative
ade adessive
adj adjectival
adv adverbial
all allative
ant anterior
cfi, cfin causal-final
com comitative
dat dative
del delative
dir direct
ela elative
erg ergative
esf, efor essive-formal
esm, emod essive-modal
ess essive
gen genitive
ill illative
ine inessive
ins instrumental
ist instructive
lim limitative
loc locative
lqu, lqua locative-qualitative
nom nominative
obl oblique
par partitive
pre, prep prepositional
soc sociative
sbl sublative
spe superessive
tem, temp temporal
ter, term terminative
tra, tran translative
voc vocative
cons construct
def, defn definite
indef, indf indefinite
attr attributive

Other items (such as "atelic") may be used as needed, but should be spelled out in full (see examples).


|| {{inflection of|la|amō||pres|actv|inf}}
|| {{inflection of|es|amar||3|p|pres|actv|indc}}
|| {{inflection of|fr|aimer||2|s|futr|indc}}
|| {{inflection of|ja|飛び移る||negative|continuative}}
|| {{inflection of|la|ānulāris||nom|n|s}}
|| {{inflection of|la|idea||nom|p|;|gen|s|;|dat|s|;|voc|p}}
|| {{inflection of|ro|analiză||definite|p|nom}}
|| {{inflection of|et|Island||par|s|;|ill|s}}
|| {{inflection of|vro|Island'||acc|s|;|gen|s}}