Алтернативни облици[уреди]


Од Bucur (a male given name) +‎ -ești (patronymic or placename suffix). Bucur is the legendary shepherd who is said to have founded the city: his name is often considered to be related to bucurie (joy) and bucura (to become glad), either of


origin, but it may alternatively be derived from a lost word in Romanian relating to pastoral life, ultimately linked to Латински būculus (young bullock, steer), diminutive of bōs (ox, cow). Compare Old French bugle, Француски beugler.[1]


Румунски Википедија има an article на:
Википедија ro

Властита именица[уреди]

București m (definite nominative and accusative Bucureștiul, definite genitive and dative Bucureștiului, vocative Bucureștiule)

  1. Bucharest (capital of Romania)

Coordinate terms[уреди]

Изведени термини[уреди]

Повезани термини[уреди]


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