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हा ()

  1. he, she, it (proximal)
  2. this

See also

  • तो (to, he, she, it; that)


Etymology 1


हा ()

  1. bee

Etymology 2


हा ()

  1. root of a plant, tree, etc.



  • (Vedic) МФА(кључ): /ɦɑː/
  • (Classical) МФА(кључ): /ɦɑː/
  • Etymology 1

    From Proto-Indo-Iranian *ĵʰaH-, from Proto-Indo-European *ǵʰeh₁-.


    हा ()

    1. cl.3 P. (Dhātup. xxv, 8) जहाति (rarely cl.1. जहति 3. du. जह्ल्तः Impv. जहिहि [or जहाहि Pāṇ. 6-4, 117] ; जहीतात् AV. ; Pot. जह्यात् AV. etc. ; pf. जहौ, जहुः RV. etc. ; जहे Br. ; aor. अहात् ib. etc. ; अहासीत् Gr. ; 3. sg. अहास् RV. ; अहासि AV. ; हासिष्ट ib., ; fut. हाता Gr. ; हास्यति, °ते AV. etc., जहिष्यति MBh. etc. ; inf. हातुम् ib. ; ind.p. हित्वा. [q.v.] RV. etc. ; हित्वी °त्वाय RV. ; -हीत्वा Gr. ; -हाय Br., हीयम् TS.), to leave, abandon, desert, quit, forsake, relinquish (with शरीरम्, देहम्, प्राणान्, असून्, ज्वितम् etc. - ‘to die’).
    2. to discharge, emit.
    3. to put away, take off, remove, lay aside, give up, renounce, resign, avoid, shun, abstain or refrain from.
    4. to disregard, neglect.
    5. to lose, be deprived of.
    6. to get rid of. escape from.
    7. to cause to emit (with शर्धम्, ‘to cause to break wind’) Vop. : Pass. हीयते or हीयते (ep. also हीयति ; aor. अहायि), to be left or abandoned or deserted.
    8. to be left behind, fall short of (abl.).
    9. to be excluded from or bereft of (abl. or instr. ; with प्राणैः, ‘to die’).
    10. to be overtaken by (instr.).
    11. to be deficient or wanting, suffer loss or injury, fail (also in a lawsuit), decrease, wane, decline, come to an end.
    12. to weigh less (at the ordeal of the balance).
    13. to be given up or avoided. (v.l.)
    14. to be subtracted.
    15. to become detached from (with abl. or instr.), fall out (as hair) BhP. : Caus. हापयति (mc. also °ते aor. अजीहपत् ; -जीहिपः RV.), to cause to leave or abandon.
    16. to omit, neglect.
    17. to fall short of. be wanting in (acc.).
    18. to give up ( असून्, ‘life’).
    19. to lose ( कालम्, ‘time’).
    20. to abandon ( प्रतिज्ञाम्, ‘a thesis’) Jātakam. : Desid. जिहासति, to wish to leave or abandon.
    21. to wish to reject or disdain.
    22. to wish to escape Sarvad. : Intens. जेहीयते, जाहाति, जाहेति Gr.

    Derived terms

    Etymology 2


    हा ()

    1. oh, alas


    • Monier William's Sanskrit-English Dictionary, 2nd Ed. 1899.