Пређи на навигацију Пређи на претрагу

This template should be used on pages in the Категорија: namespace, and automatically generates descriptions and categorization for categories of a recognized type (see below). It is implemented by Модул:category tree and its submodule Модул:category tree/affix cat.

Документација шаблона[прикажи] [уреди] [историја] [освежи]

This template generates a short description for categories of suffixes of various languages. If no alternative display form of the suffix is needed, just use {{auto cat}}.


|1= (required)
The language code.
|2= (required)
The suffix (without a hyphen, if the script uses hyphens).
|3= (optional)
The displayed form of the suffix, without a hyphen. If not provided, it will be the same as the second parameter. Equivalent to the second parameter of {{l}}.
|pos= (optional)
The part of speech, which is used as part of the category's name. This should match the |pos= parameter given to {{suffix}}. If not provided, it will default to term.
|id= (optional)
The sense id. This is the word or phrase in parentheses at the end of the category name: for example, Category:English words suffixed with -er (action noun). There should also be a {{senseid}} in the entry for the suffix that matches the sense id in the category name.
|sort= (optional)
The category sort key. If not provided, it will use the suffix itself as the sort key.