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This template is intended to create placeholders for terms which, while possibly valid, do not meet CFI. This includes things such as people's names, common list words or dictionary-only words, and fictional words. Its appearance is designed to resemble Mediawiki:Noarticletext, except in namespaced pages where a generic text is used. This template can even be used when a string does not merit an entry in one language (but is e.g. a common dictionary-only word in that language), but does merit an entry in another language; abnodate illustrates how such entries can be formatted.

This template requires one parameters: the entire link, including brackets and any piping. For example, [[w:Newton|Newton]] or [[Appendix:Phobias|triphobia]].

  • |lang=, to indicate the language of the nonexistent entry.

An optional second parameter may be specified to override the name of the associated Citations: page. An optional because parameter may be set to unattested, fictional, or rfdfailed to choose a more specific message explaining why there is no entry.

The helper templates Template:in wikipedia, Template:in wikiquote, Template:in appendix and Template:in glossary exist and can be used with this template.

To create category pages, use {{no entry cat}}.

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