Шаблон:module cat/док

This module can automatically categorize modules that are named in predictable ways: with language code, a hyphen, and a word explaining what the module is. For example, it recognizes the title uk-pronunciation and adds the categories Ukrainian modules and Pronunciation modules. The list of correspondences between the last part of the module name and the category are found in Module:module categorization, which generates the content for this template. The module adds the appropriate sortkeys.

This template is used by {{translit module documentation}} to add categories for all languages that list the transliteration module in their data tables. For instance, Module:sa-translit has the language code for Sanskrit (sa) in its title, but it is currently used for languages besides Sanskrit.

Simply place {{module cat}} at the bottom of the module documentation page, where you would normally put the categories. It need not be inside the <includeonly></includeonly> tags, as the module will not add categories on documentation pages.