Шаблон:letter names/док

Пређи на навигацију Пређи на претрагу

This template generates a list of letter names using Module:letters. It uses the function letterNames if the template is used in appendices (such as Appendix:Letters/English), and the function letterNames2 elsewhere, such as in the entry a



(required) Language code: for instance, en.
(optional) Script code. Defaults to Latn, the code for the Latin script.
|native name=
(optional) The word for “letter” in the language in question.
|1=, |2=, |3=, ...
(required) The letter names. If there are multiple names for the same letter, separate them by slashes (which may have spaces around them).


{{letter names
|native name=littera
|ā|bē|cē|dē|ē|ef|gē|hā|ī|kā|el|em|en|ō|pē|kū|er|es|tē|ū|ix / īx / ex|ȳ / ī graeca / ȳpsīlon|zēta}}

(Латински-текст имена слова) littera; ā, , , , ē, ef, , , ī, , el, em, en, ō, , , er, es, , ū, ix / īx / ex, ȳ / ī graeca / ȳpsīlon, zēta