Пређи на навигацију Пређи на претрагу

This template automatically generates descriptions and categorization for the main category of languages. These are the categories whose name follows the format "(language name) language". It should be added to all supported categories.

The template is implemented by Module:category tree and its submodule Module:category tree/langcatboiler. For information on how to add new categories to the tree, or modify existing ones, see the latter module's documentation.


The language code (see Wiktionary:Languages) of the language that the category name begins with, and which the category's contents belongs to. This is required.
|2=, |3=, |4= ...
Countries where the language is spoken. See Category:Languages by country and its subcategories. Be sure to include the definite article for countries like "the Gambia", "the Netherlands", "the United Kingdom", and "the United States of America".
Specifies the name of the Wikipedia article about the language to link to. If omitted, the Wikipedia article in the language's data table or the category name will be used. Specify |setwiki=- to show no Wikipedia article link. Preferably, the Wikipedia article should be added to the language's data file rather than specified manually in this template.
Specifies the code of the language's Wiktionary edition. If omitted, the code given as |1= will be used. Specify |setwikt=- to show no Wiktionary edition link.
Specifies the name of the category on Wikimedia Commons with files related to the language. If omitted, the category name will be used. Specify |setsister=- to show no Commons category link.
Specifies the English term on this Wiktionary to link to. If omitted, the category name will be used, without the "language" part. Specify |entryname=- to show no entry link.