For use in inline references to Korean words, most commonly in etymology sections or lists of derived terms.


  • Korean word (in Hangul). Wikilinked automatically.
  • Revised Romanization. Often unused transliteration parameter. Can be filled to override the transliteration by Module:ko-translit, but this is unlikely.
  • Meaning.
  • Hanja (wikilinked automatically).

You can fill the other parameters in whichever sequence you prefer, but a Hangul parameter must be present.

Parameter 5 is notes.



한국어 (韓國語, han'gugeo, “Korean”)


한국어 (韓國語, han'gugeo, “Korean”)


한국어 (韓國語, han'gugeo)


한국어 (韓國語, han'gugeo)

{{ko-l|—질|''nominalisation suffix''}}

(-jil, nominalisation suffix)

{{ko-l|—ㅅ—|''genitive marker''}}

(-s-, genitive marker)

{{ko-l|짓—|to make, to do}}

짓— (jit-, “to make, to do”)


십육 (十六, simnyuk, “sixteen”)

{{ko-l|깻잎|sesame leaves|kkaennip}}

깻잎 (kkaennip, “sesame leaves”)

{{ko-l|깻잎|kkaennip|sesame leaves}}

깻잎 (kkaennip, “sesame leaves”)

{{ko-l|의견란|suggestion box|意見欄|uigyeonnan}}

의견란 (意見欄, uigyeonnan, “suggestion box”)

{{ko-l|한국말|Korean spoken language|韓國말||broadly}}

한국말 (韓國, han'gungmal, “Korean spoken language”) (broadly)

{{ko-l|決||decisive|결}} (discouraged format)

(, gyeol, “decisive”)

{{ko-l|결|decisive|決}} (preferred format)

(, gyeol, “decisive”)