Шаблон:inherited cat

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This template should be used on pages in the Категорија: namespace, and automatically generates descriptions and categorization for categories of a recognized type (see below). It is implemented by Модул:category tree and its submodule Модул:category tree/inherited cat.

This template automatically generates descriptions and categorization for categories whose name follows the format "(language name) terms inherited from (language name)" and "Terms inherited from (language name)". It should be added to all supported categories.

The template is implemented by Module:category tree and its submodule Module:category tree/inherited cat. For information on how to add new categories to the tree, or modify existing ones, see the latter module's documentation.


The language code (see Wiktionary:Languages) of the language that the category name begins with, and which the category's contents belongs to. Leave this empty for categories that do not start with a language name.
The code of the source language (see Wiktionary:Languages) that the terms in the category originate from. This is the part of the category name that follows the "inherited from" part.