Шаблон:he-Defective spelling of/док


This templates generates definition lines for Hebrew defective spellings; that is, spellings that omit yuds and/or vavs that indicate vowel sounds. Defective spellings used to be standard for many words; Biblical and liturgical texts commonly use defective spellings.

Use of the template categorizes an entry in Category:Hebrew defective spellings.


Use the template name as a sort of parameter: use {{he-defective spelling of}} to generate "defective spelling of" and {{he-Defective spelling of}} to generate "Defective spelling of", capitalized. Also:

  • first unnamed parameter: mandatory: the standard-spelled term
  • wv: optional: the same, with vowels
  • .: optional: punctuation for the end of the line: defaults to nothing
  • demo: not for use in entries
  • cap: unnecessary for use

The template does not have a parameter for a romanization of the normal spelling, since a romanization should already be provided in the inflection line.


  • {{he-defective spelling of|קול}} → дефектни правопис од קול
  • {{he-defective spelling of|קול|.=.}} → дефектни правопис од קול.
  • {{he-defective spelling of|קול|wv=קוֹל}} → дефектни правопис од קוֹל
  • {{he-Defective spelling of|קול}} → Дефектни правопис од קול
  • {{he-Defective spelling of|קול|.=.}} → Дефектни правопис од קול.
  • {{he-Defective spelling of|קול|wv=קוֹל|.=.}} → Дефектни правопис од קוֹל.

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