This template creates a balanced table with five columns and is thought to be a replacement of the templates {{der-top5}}, {{der-mid5}} and {{der-bottom}}. It has two optional parametres:

  • lang: Defaults to English and should be used to mark a list of terms, if they are in a different language (but is recommended even if not).
  • title: Used to add a title. If not given, defaults to Terms derived from PAGENAME.


{{der5|a broken clock is right twice a day|all-day|as the day is long|calendar day|Canada Day|daily|day after day|daybreak|daydream|[[daycare]], [[day care]]|day in, day out|day job|day laborer|day letter|daylight|daylily|day-neutral|day nursery|day off|day of reckoning|day one|daypart|day return|day school|daystar|lang=en}}

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