This template may be used in "References" sections and on discussion pages for creating citations to a Usenet newsgroup.

For indicating quotations in dictionary entries, use {{quote-newsgroup}}.

Sample templates[уреди]

Most commonly used parameters
#* {{quote-newsgroup|author=|authorlink=|title=|newsgroup=|id=|url=|date=|accessdate=|text=}}
All available parameters
#* {{quote-newsgroup|author=|authorlink=|last=|first=|email=|title=|trans-title=|newsgroup=|id=|url=|date=|year=|accessdate=|text=|passage=|text_block=|passage_block=|t=|translation=|lang=}}

Certain basic parameters can be used in the template without any named parameters, as follows:

#* {{quote-newsgroup|[date]|[author]|[title]|[newsgroup]|[url]|[passage]|[translation]}}

This will not work if any of the parameters contains an equals ("=") sign. The value of any parameter containing an equals sign must be surrounded by <nowiki> tags, like this: "url=<nowiki>http://foo.com?id=bar</nowiki>". Alternatively, use a named parameter such as url.

The following example:

{{cite-newsgroup|author=Robert Shaw|title=Re: Interesting non-FTL interstellar settings?|url=https://groups.google.com/d/msg/rec.arts.sf.written/bJQj6ggbbOE/lSNXuY4rg6oJ</nowiki|5=newsgroup=rec.arts.sf.written|6=date=19 January 2004|7=accessdate=10 December 2014|8=passage=<nowki>To get the intensity of the light travelling the loop we must combine the contributions from photons circling it once, twice, thrice, fourfold, ... , a '''googolfold''' {{...}}}}

produces this:

Robert Shaw (19 January 2004), “Re: Interesting non-FTL interstellar settings?”, in rec.arts.sf.written, Usenet[1], retrieved 10 December 2014:
To get the intensity of the light travelling the loop we must combine the contributions from photons circling it once, twice, thrice, fourfold, ... , a googolfold []


All parameters are optional, and may contain inline interwiki or external links as needed.

Parameter Remarks
last and first
The name of the author of the newsgroup post cited. Use either author, or last and first (for the first name, and middle names or initials), not both.
authorlink The name of an English Wikipedia article about the author, which will be linked to the name(s) specified using author, or last and first. Do not add the prefix ":en:" or "w:". (Alternatively, link each person's name directly, like this: "author=[[w:Kathleen Taylor (biologist)|Kathleen Taylor]]" or "author={{w|Samuel Johnson}}".)
email The author's e-mail address.
title The title of the newsgroup post, typically the "Subject:" header.
trans-title If the title of the newsgroup post is not in English, use this parameter to provide an English translation of the title.
newsgroup The newsgroup the post was posted to. If it was posted to multiple newsgroups, indicate the main one.
id The message ID from the "Message-ID:" header of the post. Do not include the angle brackets as these will be inserted by the template.
url The URL or web address of the newsgroup post, for example, on Google Groups.
accessdate The date when the URL was accessed.
The date or year that the newsgroup post was posted. Use either date, or year, not both.
text or passage The portion of the newsgroup post being cited. Highlight the term defined in bold in the passage quoted like this: "'''cyberspace'''". If the passage exceeds 300 characters, it is automatically displayed in a separate text block. To suppress this, use text_block=no or passage_block=no.
text_block or passage_block This parameter can be used in two ways:
  • To have the template display a quote in a separate text block.
  • Use text_block=no or passage_block=no together with text or passage to ensure that the quote is not displayed in a separate text block (see text or passage above).
t or translation A translation of the passage.
lang, language, or worklang A code indicating the language that the newsgroup post is written in (preferred; for a list of the codes, see Wiktionary:List of languages), or the names of one or more languages written in full. It is unnecessary to indicate the language if the post is written in English.

Technical information[уреди]

This template relies on {{cite-meta}}.

See also[уреди]