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This template has two uses. In entries on Arabic roots, such as ج م ل(j-m-l), it serves as a headword template, and requires no parameters. In other entries, it serves as a link template, and if the root consonants are supplied to it, it links to the entry on the Arabic root and categorizes a word in a category of terms derived from the root.

If this template is being used in a non-Arabic entry, add |nocat=1 parameter to prevent the entry being categorized.

If you add |notext=1, then the template will simply categorize without adding any visible text.


{{ar-root|ج|م|ل}}‎ → ‏ج م ل(j-m-l)

You can also write the root as a single parameter, with spaces between the root letters:

{{ar-root|ج م ل}}‎ → ‏ج م ل(j-m-l)

Finally, if the page is itself a root page, you can use {{ar-root}} with no parameters as the headword template under the part-of-speech header Root.


Roots containing hamza must use the bare hamza: for instance, ء ك ل(ʾ-k-l), not أ ك ل(ʾ-k-l). If you use a seated hamza, the module will give an error.