Шаблон:RQ:Bacon Essayes/док


This template may be used on Wikipedia entry pages to quote Francis Bacon's Essays (1625). It can be used to create a link to a 1632 edition of the work at Google Books.


The template takes the following parameters:

  • |1= or |chapter= – the name of the chapter or essay quoted from.
  • |2= or |page=; or |pages=mandatory in some cases: the page number(s) quoted from. When quoting a range of pages, note the following:
    • Separate the first and last pages of the range with an en dash, like this: |pages=110–111.
    • You must also use |pageref= to specify the page number that the template should link to (usually the page on which the Wiktionary entry appears).
If this parameter is omitted, the template will not link to the online versions of the work.
  • |3= or |passage= – a passage quoted from the work.
  • |brackets= – Use |brackets=on to surround a quotation with brackets. This indicates that the quotation either contains a mere mention of a term (for example, "some people find the word manoeuvre hard to spell") rather than an actual use of it (for example, "we need to manoeuvre carefully to avoid causing upset"), or does not provide an actual instance of a term but provides information about related terms.


  • Wikitext: {{RQ:Bacon Essayes|chapter=Of Youth and Age. XLII.|pages=247–248|pageref=247|passage=Natures that haue much Heat, and great and violent deſires and Peturbations, are not ripe for Action, till they haue paſſed the Meridian of their yeares: As it was with ''[[w:Julius Caesar|Iulius Cæſar]]'', and ''[[w:Septimius Severus|Septimius Seuerus]]''. {{...}} And yet he [Septimus Severus] was the Ableſt Emperour, almoſt, of all the '''Liſt'''.}}
  • Result: