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Енглески бројеви (унос)
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    Кардинал: two
    Редни: second
    Adverbial: twice
    Multiplier: double, twofold
    Distributive: doubly

Алтернативни облици

  • twa (obsolete outside dialects)


Од Средњи Енглески two, twa, од Стари Енглески twā, neuter of twēġen (whence twain), од Пра-Германски *twai, од Пра-Индо-Европски *dwóh₁.

Cognate са Шкотски twa (two); North Frisian tou, tuu (two); Saterland Frisian twäin, two (two); Западни Фризијски twa (two); Холандски twee (two); Low German twee, twei (two); Немачки zwei, zwo (two); Дански и Норвешки to (two); Шведски två, tu (two); Исландски tvö (two); Латински duō (two); Антички Грчки δύο (dúo, two); Ирски dhá (two); Литвански (two); Руски два (dva, two); Албански dy (two); Стари Јерменски երկու (erku, two); Санскрт द्व (dvá, two); Tocharian A wu, Tocharian B wi (two). Видите такође twain.




  1. (кардинал) A numerical value equal to 2; this many dots (••). Ordinal: second.
  2. Describing a set or group with two components.
    • Lua грешка in Модул:quote at line 165: The first parameter (language code) is missing..
      “[…] The two murders might have been done by one of the ryots who was dissatisfied over his assessment and thought he had a grievance. […].”

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two (plural twos)

  1. The digit/figure 2.
    The number 2202 contains three twos.
  2. (US, informal) A two-dollar bill.
  3. A child aged two.
    This toy is suitable for the twos and threes.
  4. The playing cards featuring two pips.

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Playing cards in Енглески · playing cards (layout · text)
40 Asso di picche.jpg 41 Due di picche.jpg 42 Tre di picche.jpg 43 Quattro di picche.jpg 44 Cinque di picche.jpg 45 Sei di picche.jpg 46 Sette di picche.jpg
ace deuce, two three four five six seven
47 Otto di picche.jpg 48 Nove di picche.jpg 49 Dieci di picche.jpg 50 J di picche.jpg 51 Q di picche.jpg 52 K di picche.jpg Jolly Nero.jpg
eight nine ten jack, knave queen king joker

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Saterland Frisian

Saterland Frisian кардинал бројеви
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Од Old Frisian twā. Compare North Frisian twäär, tou (Mooring), tau (Föhr-Amrum) и Западни Фризијски twa.




  1. два

Usage notes

  • two is the form used with feminine and neuter nouns; twäin is used for masculine nouns

See also

two (енглески)

Слогови: t-wo,  мн. two


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Арапски број: 2
Кинески број: [[]],
Грчки број: B'
Латински број: II



ВикицитатиCHAPTER XI

Graham watched the lofty room grow loftier in the increasing shadows.

Eighty feet in length, rising two stories and a half from masonry walls to tree-trunked roof, flung across with a flying gallery from the rail of which hung skins of wild animals, hand-woven blankets of Oaxaca and Ecuador, and tapas, woman-pounded and vegetable-dyed, from the islands of the South Pacific, Graham knew it for what it was--a feast-hall of some medieval castle; and almost he felt a poignant sense of lack of the long spread table, with pewter below the salt and silver above the

salt, and with huge hound-dogs scuffling beneath for bones.

Проширени садржај


  • Морзе:
  • Брај:


Later, when Paula had played sufficient Debussy to equip Terrence and

Aaron for fresh war, Graham talked with her about music for a few vivid moments. So well did she prove herself aware of the philosophy of music, that, ere he knew it, he was seduced into voicing his own pet theory.[1]


  1. Џек, Лондон (1957). "XI". Мала Леди. I. Београд.