ВикицитатиCHAPTER XI

And she slipped away, leaving Graham to his fate. He watched her,

watched the perfect knee-lift of her draperies as she crossed to Mrs. Mason and set about arranging bridge quartets, while dimly he could

hear Terrence beginning:

Проширени садржај


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"It is agreed that music was the basis of inspiration of all the arts

of the Greeks...."Шаблон:DJLLREF



Изведене речи: slipped

s l i p
sli slip slpi spli psli
sil silp sipl spil psil
lsi lsip lspi lpsi plsi
lis lisp lips lpis plis
isl islp ispl ipsl pisl
ils ilsp ilps ipls pils
Проширени садржај
01 slip
02 slpi
03 silp
04 sipl
05 spli
06 spil
07 lsip
08 lspi
09 lisp
10 lips
11 lpsi
12 lpis
13 islp
14 ispl
15 ilsp
16 ilps
17 ipsl
18 ipls
19 psli
20 psil
21 plsi
22 plis
23 pisl
24 pils