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god +‎ -h-



ghod (plural ghods)

  1. (dated, fandom slang, humorous) God.
    • 1952, Arthur Rapp, Lee Hoffman & Redd Boggs, Fanspeak, strana 6:
      Fans usually spell it with a "h" when referring to fannish ghods.
    • 1966 November, Heap, Cindy, “You Are Old, Father Tucker...”, in Science-Fiction Five-Yearly[1], number 4, strana 33:
      "As a youth," said the ghod as he shook his grey head, / "I feared it the BNF's grave; / But now that the neos all think that I'm dead, / I continue the fanac I crave."
    • 2006 фебруар 19, lilysincere, “The Science Fiction That Wasn't”, in rec.arts.sf.written, Usenet[2], message-ID <>:
      I have not posted here before, but I have been in fandom before a long phase of gafia, and have read many books during my active times. I was a SMOF in the past, but not a super-Smof, and had my favorite authors. Harlan Ellison was like a ghod to me, and the lesser lights were those around me and some not what others may expect.

Корисне белешке[уреди]

This fanspeak word is used instead of the standard form to indicate a fannish context or an association with science fiction fandom. Science fiction fandom included mock deities, or "fannish ghods", such as Ghu and Foo (the "ghod of mimeography").