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"It isn't exactly a new song," Dick explained, his gray eyes twinkling

roguery, "and it's not my song. It was sung in Japan before I was born, and, I doubt not, before Columbus discovered America. Also, it is a duet--a competitive duet with forfeit penalties attached. Paula will have to sing it with me.--I'll teach you. Sit down there, that's

right.--Now all the rest of you gather around and sit down."Шаблон:ЏЛМЛ16

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Still in her riding habit, Paula sat down on the concrete, facing her

husband, in the center of the sitting audience. Under his direction, timing her movements to his, she slapped her hands on her knees, slapped her palms together, and slapped her palms against his palms much in the fashion of the nursery game of "Bean Porridge Hot." Then he sang the song, which was short and which she quickly picked up, singing it with him and clapping the accent. While the air of it was orientally catchy, it was chanted slowly, almost monotonously, but it was quickly provocative of excitement to the spectators:Шаблон:ЏЛМЛ16


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