Пређи на навигацију Пређи на претрагу

A template to be used in the etymology section, when a word is the transliteration of a word in another language.

This template places words in categories like Category:English transliterations of Ancient Greek terms. Category pages for this template are created by {{translitcatboiler}}. Use {{auto cat}} to automatically fill in parameters.

It also adds the category Category:English terms borrowed from Ancient Greek; for more information, see {{borrowing}}.


The following parameters are required:

The language into which the term was transliterated.
The language from which the term was transliterated.

One of the following two parameters should be provided, or a prompt [Term?] will display:

The transliterated term.
|4=, |alt=
An alternative display form to show for the term; see {{l}} and {{m}}.

The following parameters are optional:

|5=, |t=
A gloss/translation for the term; see {{l}} and {{m}}.
A literal translation for the term; see {{l}} and {{m}}.
A transliteration for the term; see {{l}} and {{m}}.
A part of speech indication for the term; see {{l}} and {{m}}.
A sense id to link to. See {{senseid}}.
When nocap=1, show the initial text with a lowercase initial letter: “transliteration of”.
When notext=1, omit the initial text “Transliteration of” altogether. The first thing displayed will be the source language name.