Пређи на навигацију Пређи на претрагу

This template generates a short description for categories of prefixes of various languages. If no alternative display form of the prefix is needed, just use {{auto cat}}.


Required parameters:

The language code.
The prefix (without a hyphen, if the script uses hyphens).

Optional parameters:

The part of speech, which is used as part of the category's name. This should match the |pos= parameter given to {{prefix}}. If not provided, it will default to "word".
The sense id. This is the word or phrase in parentheses at the end of the category name: for example, Category:English words prefixed with a- (not). There should also be a {{senseid}} in the entry for the suffix that matches the sense id in the category name.
The category sort key. Usually not needed. If not provided, it will use the prefix itself as the sort key.