Шаблон:descendants tree/док

This template links to a given term, and transcludes the tree of descendants from the term's page. It is intended for use in descendants trees, like one may find in entries of reconstructed terms. It uses Module:descendants tree through the template interface module Module:descendants tree/templates.

It is meant as a replacement of {{etymtree}}


The parameters are the same as those of {{l}}, except that the second parameter is required.

The parameter |notext=1 may be set to suppress the language name.


Currently the template/module is implemented somewhat simplistically, and has several shortcomings. It is hoped that these will be resolved by improving the module.

  • The template always picks the first Descendants section, with no way of selecting any others that might be in an entry. The template should be modified to use the id= parameter to select the right section. Throw an error if an id is given but no {{senseid}} with that id is found on the page.
  • The template does not handle cases where the descendants employ {{etymtree}}, like on e.g. Латински cantō.